About Us

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Get your car looking like new again!

There are 4 main service areas, each designed to achieve a specific task quickly with the minimum of fuss.  These are:

Car Smart - Car valeting.  From basic mini-valets to showroom valets and more, we can help with a variety of situations whether it's a new car Lifeshine protection system, lease return or a full clean in preparation for sale.

We also provide a full range of specialist enhancement and detailing services.

Car Smart Classics - A range of detailing services tailor-made for the classic car enthusiast.  Designed to bring out the best of the original features and maintain the patina, we will make your car look amazing ready for shows or just for the pleasure of daily driving.

Our services are key to ensuring the condition and protection of your classic vehicle are maintained.

Happy Headlights - Headlight lenses can lose clarity and become hazed over time and in many cases this can lead to an MOT failure.  If your headlights have become discoloured or have failed the MOT we will be able to revive them like new.  

This is a simple, guaranteed process which can normally be done while you wait.

Happy SoftTops - Over time, soft tops become grubby, dirty and lose their waterproof properties.  Our 3 stage cleaning, re-colouring and waterproofing process will sort this and get it fully protected and looking like new again.  

We also provide waterproofing to new soft tops ensuring they look good and are protected throughout their lifetime.

Please call or email us with your enquiry.  All of our services are by appointment only so please call before you set off.